Over the course of 32 years of psychotherapy services, a common stressor that many clients presented with was around the issue of work.  Some experienced stress because they did not know what to do while others didn’t like what they were doing.  Many of the at-risk youth were apathetic, lacking both vision and motivation.  In response to the needs of my clients, I designed a very simple strategy to help them move toward a productive resolution; and when technology made it easy to make recordings, I, having more resources to draw upon than the average 17 year old, began conducting and recording interviews.  Herein is the result. 

The interviewees and I hope you find the information helpful.  Our wish is for you to choose the right career, one that is suited to your needs, interests and personality, and delivers a richly satisfying experience.


Kathryn England, LCSW, MSW, MSG


About Choosing the Right Career

Choosing the Right Career is designed to assist those in the process of selecting their career.  Three easy steps are suggested.  The unique aspect of this program is found in step 3.  Here, 104 short, audio interviews with people representing a wide range of occupations offer valuable, tangible information on what it is like to actually work in their respective fields.

I am dedicated to making the most of my life and helping others to do the same.


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Choosing the Right Career

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