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Choosing the Right Career

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      Step 1.    Identify Prospective Occupations - based on your interests and abilities

     Step 2.   Get the Details - get detailed information on duties, requirements, income and more 

      Step 3.   Listen to Interviews - listen to what insiders have to say

3 Steps to Help You Make a Good Decision

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The average person spends 25% of her or his entire lifetime working; so, when it comes to choosing a career, we want to make sure our choice is a good fit.  Taking the time to identify a career that is both interesting and for which you have an aptitude, will serve you well over the many years of your career. 

This simple three-step program is designed to assist you with this important life decision.  What distinguishes this program is the unique inventory of 134 short, 5-20 minute audio interviews.  With a click of a button, you can hear what people have to say about their work:  how they chose their occupations, what the general preparations are, what they like about their work, and what they find to be the challenges of their work.  They also offer suggestions to those interested in pursuing work in their respective fields.  Adding an insider’s point of view adds context and depth to the data found in Step 2.

Please visit again, material is continuously added.