Step 1.    Identify Your Interests - start with what you like

     Step 2.   Get the Details - find out about the job, requirements, income and more 

      Step 3.   Listen to Interviews - what do people doing the work have to say


Clicking on an industry from the list below will show you the occupations within that field, the duties of each, the entry-level education, and median pay (meaning half the people earned more, half the people earned less).  You’ll also be one click away from more details, such as how to become qualified for the work, projected number of new jobs, and similar occupations.

Step 2.  Get the Details

Occupations by Industry

Information is power.  Learning about the different occupations will help you make an informed decision.   When you’ve narrowed down your selection, get an insider’s point of view.  Go on to Step 3.  Listen to Interviews.


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